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Shaking the should-be-perfect cocktail


So what is the proper etiquette…?

Do you tell a bartender in Manhattan, that the Manhattan he just made with pride and flare should NEVER be shaken? Or do you simply sip it and smile and enjoy? … knowing you are the wiser.

I always assumed that Bartender 101( taken at some liquid trade school) would have taught that one of the most famous cocktails shouldn’t ever see the inside of a shaker. A drink like the Manhattan needs to be stirred so you are able to achieve the appropriate coldness without interrupting the clarity of the ingredients in your customer’s class.

Side Note for other drinks: Shaking is needed when you’re using ingredients that don’t combine well without a vigorous shake.

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Caveat Emptor – Watch what the barman pours

A patron ordering a drink made with a high-quality spirit, like Bombay Sapphire gin, should presumably not have to wonder what winds up swishing around the martini glass.
But more than a dozen bars in New Jersey committed the sin of misleading drinkers, ….Read the Full Article from Sunday New York Times


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