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Lil’ Frankie’s with a zing

20130927-184604.jpg Here is the classic made classically, with the foundation consisting of good ol’ Bulleit Bourbon. I believe that every time I see a Bulleit bottle I think of my favorite retired HBO series Deadwood. ( see show photo1 and photo2 that prove it was in the show)  While this drink looks shaken in the photo, I can assure you it wasn’t.  It was made perfectly and proved to be so good that I ordered another.

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Slurping another one down at Buceo 95



Enjoying a tapas dinner in the Upper Westside of Manhattan with friends. This drink made with Knob Creek and the standard Vermouth and bitters blend was very nice despite it being shaken and foamy instead of the way it was originally and perfectly designed. Note the lonely cherry beneath the once turbulent concoction above. Nonetheless I enjoyed every last drop.


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The Manhattan in München at the Cortiina Hotel Bar


How often do you get asked by a bartender if you liked the way he or she made a particular cocktail? In a world where there is a presumption of increased services, it is surprising to me that so few bartenders ask this simple question. Is it because their egos can’t handle the answer?… Lack of self confidence? … Or simply they don’t give a crap??

My unscientific study says this happens far too often. Too many people don’t ask if their services meet their customers’ expectations. This reflects both a lack of respect for customers and more importantly of your craft.

This was not the case at the Cortiina Bar, where the very capable bartender Tim asked me if my first ordered Manhattan was to my liking. He made it with a 4:2 ratio of bourbon to Vermouth blend. I was honest with him and said that I was a self proclaimed “bourbon guy” and I liked to savor the taste of the Kentucky liquid over the Vermouth. He quickly remedied the situation with a 5:2 ratio and made me the perfect Bavarian version of this classic. If your are ever in Münich and need a rest from the beer that flows out of the taps here, stop by and see Tim at the Cortiina Hotel bar, … Tell him Micko sent you


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