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A Milano Manhattan

Another perfect Woodfors Reserve

20131015-222458.jpgAnother perfect Manhattan made with Woodford Reserve by a very happy bartender named Cettina at the Cusani hotel in Milan. She made the perfect drink, better than many NYC bartenders, all while making sure that the drink served met my expectations. It absolutely did!!!

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Clear skies and a clear manhattan

Sitting at the Virgin Atlantic lounge heading on another whirlwind trip of Europe. Kicking it off with a
Woodford Reserve bourbon. A nice way to kick off the trip, and to get sleepy for the overnight flight. I make presentations in the morning in London and I need my beauty sleep.

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P.F. Changin’ it

20131231-115210.jpg Read the rest of this entry »

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Just a Little Vermouth Is All It Takes – Emerils’s Orlando

This straight up classically made Manhattan had the perfect amount of vermouth – just 1/2 oz – paired with the beautiful Bookers bourbon. If you are ever on Universal City Walk stop by Emerils’s Orlando and find Eric the excellent bartender. – tell him Micko sent you

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