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When in London, Do as an American…Sometimes

Dining and drinking solo at Hush, a restaurant in the shadow of St Paul’s Cathedral in London, was made less pathetic by ordering a duo of Manhattans. The first made with Buffalo Trace and the second with Wild Turkey 101. Firstly, the bartender made two identical drinks. Exactly as any classic cocktail book would instruct them to be made. There was no deviation from recipe tonight. So which did I like better? …. Oddly enough I thought the Buffalo Trace version tasted very … “normal”. It was exactly as it should have been made. It tasted exactly as it should have tasted… That is why tonight I chose the Wild Turkey 101 entry. It was remarkably bright. Incredibly smooth. Clean, even a little soapy ( in a good way somehow) with an after taste lingering of mild tobacco. Very nice, interestingly surprising.

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Smokey Bones Manhattan with Makers Mark


Even a chain restaurant, using one of the most common bourbons, can make this drink properly.  The Southern chain Smokey Bones which I assume is famous for, well.. um.. smokey bones (ribs) can make a basic, but completely satisfying Manhattan.  Using just the essential and prescribed ingredients such as Markers Mark, Angostura Bitters and whatever-the-bartender-grabbed-out-of-the-well vermouth hit the spot that night.  Sometimes, when everyone else around you is drinking beer from a bucket and slurring their words, a proper drink comes as a perfect break.

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