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Blue Mermaid – Cock n Bull Ginger Beer

Sitting at the house restaurant ( Blue Mermaid) of the Argonaut hotel in San Francisco I found myself ordering a “Happy Hour” special. The drink was a bourbon and ginger ale cocktail that seemed to be a bourbon lovers way of relaxing after a long day. This particular drink was made with Cock n Bull Ginger beer and Bulleit Bourbon. While I usually have this cocktail with Blenheim Ginger Ale of South Carolina. I found the Cock n Bull version very good. It was definitely less spicy, but hugely satisfying.

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A Vigorously Shaken Knob Creek Manhattan at Deux Amis

I am not sure how this still happens, especially in Manhattan, but this drink was not shaken it was vibrated until it surrendered. Then in its foamy state was slushed into my glass.
After 10 minutes of calming down it tasted fine, but this pause shouldn’t ever be necessary. This is very unfortunate as the cocktail was perfectly mixed – better than most

Better luck next time Deux Amis.

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Biting the Bulleit at STK Midtown


It always amazes me when a bartender, at an amazingly loud and crowded bar in Manhattan, can make a drink that doesn’t taste like it got caught up in the shuffle. Like it came out of one of those new fast food drink vending machines. I guess that’s why I am not a bartender… Read the rest of this entry »

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