Manhattan in Goa India

18 Jul

It is always refreshing to sit down poolside and have a drink with colleagues. I happened to be in Goa, India at the magnificent Park Hotel Hotel and Spa. This beautiful hotel is a large oasis, and once you arrive at the resort you really have no need to leave the property.

As I usually do, I asked the bartender for a Manhattan and watched him go through the process of his craft. I was fortunate enough to have the very capable Pradeep, originally from Bhutan, not Goa, make my drink. I am always very critical of the questions that a bartender ask me before making any drink. I believe the asking of these questions shows respect to both the customer and his chosen craft. Pradeep made a perfect Manhattan with the only bourbon-like whiskey available, Jack Daniels. The drink he made for me was perfect. A perfect blend of the standard ingredients in the proper proportions. Additionally, Pradeep asked me, before preparation, exactly what my preferences were. This simple, but often forgotten step, is crucial. Pradeep was perfect, and so were his Manhattans.

Thanks Pradeep.

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