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Wild Turkey 101 at SYC

  Another masterpiece by Pete at Sarasota Yacht Club with good old Wild Turkey 101. Ah….  Drinking at the hours you shouldn’t.  Fantastic.   

The SYC does a great deal to make its members happy.  Making note of what everyone’s likes and dislikes, and then more importantly putting that knowledge into service is what makes it so nice to make it a sophisticated hang out.  

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A Local Business Tourist

A very odd phenomenon happens when you do a lot of business travel to the same place. This is especially true if you also spend some non-working days there too.  You become a “local” of sorts – a local business tourist.  In my case London is the most recent place I have  become far too familiar to be considered a tourist, but clearly I am still not from here.  Oddly enough I find that I have an advantage over locals in some regard.  I know all of the touristy places that many natives never spent time learning, as well as many practical bits to get me through the business day.  I would also classify myself as a Heathrow airport expert.  I am not sure if any of this matters as I still almost get killed everyday crossing  the street. Yikes! Read the rest of this entry »

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A pint at Ye Olde Cheshire Cheese

When you sit at Ye Olde Cheshire Cheese in London you realize that your definition of “old” may be too young.  Stating that it had been rebuilt  in 1667 makes you wonder how truly proud they are of the improvements made.  Usually I drink a pint of a traditional British bitter, but today I decided to drink a cold lager with my German communal tablemates,  Cheers and Prost!  This pub serves the full line of Samuel Smith ales – sadly it seems that the traditional British bitter ales are not the most popular (even with locally based clientele), as most people I observed chose the much colder organic lager.  I am not sure if that is a statement about the taste or the temperature.  I any event, sitting at one of the two tables next to the charcoal burning fireplace is always fun and provides for a time machine experience. 

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