A Local Business Tourist

07 Jun

A very odd phenomenon happens when you do a lot of business travel to the same place. This is especially true if you also spend some non-working days there too.  You become a “local” of sorts – a local business tourist.  In my case London is the most recent place I have  become far too familiar to be considered a tourist, but clearly I am still not from here.  Oddly enough I find that I have an advantage over locals in some regard.  I know all of the touristy places that many natives never spent time learning, as well as many practical bits to get me through the business day.  I would also classify myself as a Heathrow airport expert.  I am not sure if any of this matters as I still almost get killed everyday crossing  the street. Yikes!

As I sit in front of St Pauls Cathedral with its bells ringing for far far FAR too long, I am thinking of the hundreds of tourists, with the cameras/phones on a silly-stick, that I plowed by on my morning run along the Thames.   Man, why don’t they all go home 🙂

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