Relaxing with Vincent (and a nice Pinot)

13 Jul

Somehow it got to be 7:27 PM in London.  As the oddly still-too-light-out sky starts to get darker, I have yet again decided to relax in The Heron Club and have at least one 250ml glass of 2012 Escale Pinot Nior.  So far on this 10 day trip, it has been the defacto wine for me to drink while I read an Taschen published art book. Tonight’s read is on Van Gogh and I am amazed that this book had 700+ pages of his works and most have a story or two behind them.  Every time I pick up a book published by them I am pleased by the quality and comprehensiveness.  

Anyway, to recharge the batteries, I ordered some French Onion soup to go along with the clubs day early celebration of Bastille Day.   Despite that I am trying to be a relatively good vegetarian, I am not being very inquisitive on the ingredients as I am both too hungry and too tired to be overly concerned. (Recipe for French Onion Soup – Vegatarian Style). It is very similar to the first wedding celebration French Onion Soup I had in Normandy France a long time ago at a friends wedding.  That version also did not had the melted cheese on top. Argh!  – I love the melted cheese.  But still it was very good.

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