Hofbräu München at Oktoberfest 2015

20 Sep

At Oktoberfest 2015 I was fortunate enough to have a tall glass of Hofbräuhaus’s Weißbier at their “tent”.  If you have even been here during this festival you will know that the tents at Oktoberfest are not small and are definitely not tents.  In fact some hold as many as 10,000 beer slamming, brass band listening, very happy people.   

Most of the large beer makers in the region have tents, but so do some other organizations that jumped into the festival many years ago. I have to admit that while they were rocking with energy, I found them unbelievably hot, loud and crowded –    But it is hard to ignore and not enjoy the amount of tradition that is flowing with of the beer.   It is definitely something everyone should experience and with more than 400,000 drinkers in attendance, maybe the whole world will eventually.

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