Weinhaus Schneider – Jim Beam Filled Tumbler

20 Sep

Tonight I had a fantastic fondue dinner at Weinhaus Schneider in Munich. This very eclectic restaurant dives guests into a Bavarian hunters lodge. 🙂

I was served a table-made Manhattan by Micaela, with Jim Beam and Martini red vermouth.  While it wasn’t the normal version, it was still very good to have a real bourbon (not Jack Daniels) far from home.

This quaint place had every horizontal surface covered with bottles from around the world, lit candles and other artifacts that would be at home in any woodland retreat.

It is always nice to be served by someone who takes pride in their trade. Micaela served me my drink at the table because she was concerned that she wouldn’t make it to my liking.  Her service and dedication to customer satisfaction made the evening much more comfortable and enjoyable than just the great food she served.

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