Amerisports Bar – St. Charles, MO

11 Dec

At the Ameristar Hotel outside of St. Louis – It is incredible that a bar can screw up a Manhattan this badly. Visually, it is without a cherry, orange and/or any sign of life. Wrong glass too. It is pretty much straight Jim Beam (thank god they were able to get that into the glass properly).

But wait, there’s more! When it was served it had a floating object, that I thought was a bug – but that turned out to be a fleck of cherry skin.  Seriously it was the size of a red pepper fleck you put on a pizza.

I usually write how nice it is have to have a bartender that cares and how much that matters to having a great drink delivered – this was reverse world , a bartender that didn’t give a shit, and a drink that tasted like it.

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