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Gulf Morning Storm

Living in a sub-tropical climate has its advantages. One advantage is wicked storms coming across the Gulf and hitting an unsuspecting beach.  

This is another one of my own works – it plopped out of my head this morning and I was able to paint it with a cup of coffee in hand.  It is no masterpiece, but I had a relaxing time doing it.  Also, I played around on this one using my fingers as brushes.  I am back in kindergarten (with caffeine). 

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Highlighted Artist -Judy Hawkins 


Judy Hawkins has an electric yet peaceful style that I admire very much. A true intensified, but peaceful, take on the impressionistic masters.  Her luminosity and brightness are created by laying down rich thin glazes of oil paint on canvas. She has clearly mastered this technique as her works vibrancy jumps off the wall.  

Fine other fine information about her at The Gallery Walk and some of her available work can be found at The Artful Home  and Bluestone Galley.


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Florida – Down on The Dock 

I have been experimenting with taking old (pre 1950) original photos I find at flea markets and playing around with them to make them a little happier. Amazing what some color and attitude can do. This one shows a person fishing on a backwater intercoastal  waterway around 1950.  

In my true form, my lack of any actual floral knowledge allowed me to paint this tree as wacky as I wished 🙂

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