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Old Potrero Rye in Older SanFrancisco

I travel frequently to San Francisco and many times I grab a drink and a meal at Pompei’s Grotto. I have been coming to this restaurant since 1995 and it has always be a friendly and comfortable spot in Fisherman’s Wharf.

What made this journey made even better is that I got to try a Rye Whiskey that I have never had before. This drink, Old Potrero, which surprises me in its pleasantly soapy front end and nose followed by an well balanced and not too spicy tail. Made by Anchor Steam Breweries, it actually had some characteristics of a fine Scotch ( I confirmed this by trying the “Kentucky Hug” method of taste tasting.)

Give yourself a treat and try it.

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Lil’ Gem in Mahattan

It’s been way too long since I wrote anything. Hopefully this will be the fix to that. This is an interesting pour of Elijah Craig with Del Professore vermouth and a healthy slice of orange rind. Wow was it a great drink. I am so happy to be writing again.

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Kin Lhao – Kem Kon Cocktail

Ka Pow! – “What is that?”, Was my first reaction. That is the most unique and crazy Manhattan-like drink I have ever had.

Made of some normal and some unexpected ingredients that I think we worked well together. Coincidentally, I think this was also very seasonal for Fall, but I think that was unintentional by its creator and more in my head (being in cool and damp San Francisco in November). No matter how it was intended, I really liked this cocktail as it paired well with the amazing Thai food served.

The Kem Kon was made by mixing the following ingredients into a 2/3rd sized steeped cut martini glass:

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London Old Fashions – Woodford Reserve

For some peculiar reason Old Fashions made with Canadien Maple Syrup and Woodford Reserve are in vogue in London. This is the second time in a week that a restaurant had them featured on the menu.  I wonder if Woodford representatives are on patrol here?  I am not complaining as both times I have had the drink it has been perfect.  Even though it is obviously a sweet drink, and definitely out of my normal barel-comfort-zone, I enjoyed them.  A boozy desert. 

Tonight I had my drink in the Copa restaurant across the street from the beautiful St Paul’s Cathedral. I nice eerie sky over the magnificent dome. 

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Renoir – Moulin Huet Bay, Guernsey (1883)

Last week I was able to visit the National Gallery in London.  I do this as often as possible after a day in the office.  Frequently I make my rounds visiting the work Turner, Van Gogh, Piccasso and Seurat.  This particular visit I noticed Moulin Huet Bay, Guernsey by Renoir that was painted in 1883.  I thought that colors were amazing, the simple brush strokes conveyed so much feeling of the beach. His ability to make the sky, the sea mist and the water seem as one and also distinctly separate forced me to stare (a bit too long).  The way that the rock outcroppings are painted with tropical colors and an almost Gauguin-esque feel surprised me that it was in fact Renoir.

It has been studied and identified that the rocks have been identified as ‘Les Tas de Pois d’Amont’ on the left, while those on the right are probably ‘La Surtaut’ (Cradle Rock) which appear in Guernsey.  

Visit this painting via the Nation Gallery website

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First Proper Pint in Awhile

It nice to be back in London on a cold wet windy blustery gloomy summer evening. The sunscreen business must be awful, but I am sure the parka industry is booming.  

I am enjoying a nice pint of Samuel Smith’s Organic Lager at the Rising Sun pub which sits across from St. Bartholomew The Great Church (from the 12th century) 

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5 Boats Racing

I am literally  turned this painting upside down before I painted the boats. So much for planning!   I think I will always have a thing for sailboats, especially small racing boats (Sunfish) like the ones I used to sail.  

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