Flowers in Mug

I just did a quick colorful flower pot(mug) with this one.  When I was finished I realized the flowers look like they have green arms that say “Goal !!”   Maybe that’s because I was watching the Copa América at the time 

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Cortiina Hotel Bar – München – Revisited 

Almost three years ago I wrote a post on one of my favorite Manhhattans that I have ever had.  That drink was served by an excellent bartender.   I decided to go back to the Cortiina Hotel Bar in Munich and see if that fantastic drink still existed.   

My only request was for it to be made with Basil Hayden bourbon. I left the rest up to the bar host/server (Djemal) and bartender. Note: The fact that this bar has at least seven different types of real bourbon tells me they are serious. Many times in Europe a bar carries Jack as their “bourbon”… And that’s it. Ugh- oh please. 

As with my first time here, I knew upon arrival of my cocktail, and before I tasted it, that is was perfect. The mixed liquids were beautifully see-through. (A 4:2 ratio was used for the bourbon and vermouth) and very importantly, they never saw the inside of a shaker.  The amount of vermouth didn’t darken the drink to look like over steeped English tea, it was still a bourbon colored cocktail. Perfect. 

Well, I was right.  It was made perfectly by a bartender who definitely cares about what they are doing and knows how to do it.  The drink was as crisp as physically possible, they used what I presume to be home made or small batch brandied cherries that could likely be locally acquired.  Everything was perfect, including the slight hint of bitters. 

I definitely recommend this bar as a must do while in Munich, but as it is small and popular, I recommend that you plan to wait to get in or make a reservation. 

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Palmer House Chicago – Shaken, really?

I watched in horror as my bartender shook my drink as if it was some type of Shake Weight workout regimen.  My Basil Hayden bourbon had no chance of making it out alive. Despite having a nice flavor, my Manhhattan had a head. There was a “mousse” loose in Chicago. Thank the gods it had 3 Maraschino cherries which made me smile a little.  

The Palmer House Hilton Lockwood Bar has a great vibe but somehow the steps to make a great cocktail got lost 😦

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Night Race

This was fun to paint with vibrant Holbein paints (I always use Holbein), using only a few colors, one brush and my fingers. Somehow I got technically lucky and was able to let the two sailboats pop off of the canvas in a sea and sky of the same colors – … well, I think I pulled it off :-). 

Also, I have recently realized that a lot of my works have unfinished edges.  At first I thought I would cut things down to size, but I am starting to realize I like the look. Especially with this piece, I think the right edge adds to the speed of the light-blue boat.  

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Gulf Morning Storm

Living in a sub-tropical climate has its advantages. One advantage is wicked storms coming across the Gulf and hitting an unsuspecting beach.  

This is another one of my own works – it plopped out of my head this morning and I was able to paint it with a cup of coffee in hand.  It is no masterpiece, but I had a relaxing time doing it.  Also, I played around on this one using my fingers as brushes.  I am back in kindergarten (with caffeine). 

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Highlighted Artist -Judy Hawkins 


Judy Hawkins has an electric yet peaceful style that I admire very much. A true intensified, but peaceful, take on the impressionistic masters.  Her luminosity and brightness are created by laying down rich thin glazes of oil paint on canvas. She has clearly mastered this technique as her works vibrancy jumps off the wall.  

Fine other fine information about her at The Gallery Walk and some of her available work can be found at The Artful Home  and Bluestone Galley.


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Florida – Down on The Dock 

I have been experimenting with taking old (pre 1950) original photos I find at flea markets and playing around with them to make them a little happier. Amazing what some color and attitude can do. This one shows a person fishing on a backwater intercoastal  waterway around 1950.  

In my true form, my lack of any actual floral knowledge allowed me to paint this tree as wacky as I wished 🙂

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