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Florida – Down on The Dock 

I have been experimenting with taking old (pre 1950) original photos I find at flea markets and playing around with them to make them a little happier. Amazing what some color and attitude can do. This one shows a person fishing on a backwater intercoastal  waterway around 1950.  

In my true form, my lack of any actual floral knowledge allowed me to paint this tree as wacky as I wished 🙂

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Blenheim and Bourbon at Hudlow’s Tiki Lounge

Every now and then I relax at my own place, sit at my tiki bar and have a drink.  Rather than my normal Manhattan I decided to mix up a spicy Blenheim Ginger Ale and bourbon.  I was first introduced to this drink at a great bar in Manhattan called Great Jones Cafe.   It is made with Blenheim Ginger Ale from South Carolina. This soda will knock you back on your feet and takes no prisoners. It is freakin’ fantastic. Read the rest of this entry »

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Wild Turkey 101 at SYC

  Another masterpiece by Pete at Sarasota Yacht Club with good old Wild Turkey 101. Ah….  Drinking at the hours you shouldn’t.  Fantastic.   

The SYC does a great deal to make its members happy.  Making note of what everyone’s likes and dislikes, and then more importantly putting that knowledge into service is what makes it so nice to make it a sophisticated hang out.  

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