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A Perfect Custom Manahattan at The Republic Smokehouse and Saloon

There have been many times where I have been able to form an opinion of a Manhattan before I have taken the first sip, usually when I do this it doesn’t bode well for the drink. Often times this happens when my drink looks like a cloudy sandstorm spinning in my glass.  However, in this case, I was able to form an immediate strong positive point of view for three reasons:  1)The color of the vermouth was a warmer deeper color than usual and, 2) It was clear of any particulate air bubbles – clear amber heaven, and 3) there was a proper, not emergency beacon red, dark maraschino cherry at the bottom.  I knew then that the bartender Collin, at The Republic Smokehouse and Saloon, was the real deal. I called him over before my first taste and asked about the brand of Vermouth and if it was a brandied cherry. The vermouth was Carpano Antica Formula, and the cherry was not brandied, – it was just a deep black maraschino cherry.  Both made a big difference. Read the rest of this entry »

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The Beginnings of the Best Cocktail – The Manhattan


The Manhattan has a few foundational components that make it such a popular and legendary elixir. Firstly, it is truly an American cocktail as it defining ingredient is the New World’s whiskey, Bourbon. And Secondly, its namesake is the quintessential American city with enough attitude and character to inebriate anyone.

The blending of American Bourbon with fine European vermouths and Caribbean bitters adds a bit of zeal and hints at our exploratory nature.

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