Biting the Bulleit at STK Midtown

04 Apr


It always amazes me when a bartender, at an amazingly loud and crowded bar in Manhattan, can make a drink that doesn’t taste like it got caught up in the shuffle. Like it came out of one of those new fast food drink vending machines. I guess that’s why I am not a bartender…

On this particular evening, I was very fortunate to have Bex Lee at the helm of the bar at STK Midtown. She continued to make perfect Bulleit Manhattans all evening long. What was interesting was that these drinks had a sweetness about them that isn’t found in the normal Manhattan. Maybe she added some simple syrup or the juice from the cherry jar? It will remain a mystery for now as it was far too crowded for me to ask her as she was always on a mission to help the next person with what I can only assume to be another perfect cocktail.

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