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Highlighted Artist – Tadashi Asoma

Tadashi Asoma - Through the Pine Trees

I was walking on 57th Street today and my eye was caught by the above painting which is now on display at the Wally Findlay Galleries in New York City – Tadashi Asoma was born in Japan in 1923. Spending time studying and working in Paris and New York since the late 1950s.  And now Tadashi has called New York his home since the early 1960s

His insatiable curiosity for color allowed his paintings to reveal a remarkably adept portrayal of the changes of the seasons. Sudden bursts of pure, brilliant color with splendid differences of touch and tone, exemplify his natural originality and closeness with nature. Luminous palettes define his works, while lightly feathered textures translate admirably to the glory and jubilant majesty of nature.

List of other galleries that have his works

Blouin Art

Wally Findlay

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Tao Manhattan

Saturday, relaxing at Tao in Manhattan on 58th Street, with a perfect Manhattan made with Bookers Bourbon.  Theresa “Tess”, the very knowledgable and friendly bartender helped me with my Italian by determining that the Vermouth Del Professore used in the drink added a spicy and herbal bitterness.  I am assuming this is due to the amount of clove they use in their formula for making such a unique blend of vermouth. Read the rest of this entry »

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Manhattan at Jubilee

Nice Happy Hour at Jubilee with a perfect manhattan made with Woodfords Reserve. Unlike many drinks of recent days, this Manhattan was made perfectly – a little on the dry side, .. Just as I prefer . Most importantly, it was stirred, not shaken. Making it the perfect kick-off perfect evening of superbly   Another nice touch was the remar. #WoodforReserve, #Jubilee

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A Vigorously Shaken Knob Creek Manhattan at Deux Amis

I am not sure how this still happens, especially in Manhattan, but this drink was not shaken it was vibrated until it surrendered. Then in its foamy state was slushed into my glass.
After 10 minutes of calming down it tasted fine, but this pause shouldn’t ever be necessary. This is very unfortunate as the cocktail was perfectly mixed – better than most

Better luck next time Deux Amis.

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Biting the Bulleit at STK Midtown


It always amazes me when a bartender, at an amazingly loud and crowded bar in Manhattan, can make a drink that doesn’t taste like it got caught up in the shuffle. Like it came out of one of those new fast food drink vending machines. I guess that’s why I am not a bartender… Read the rest of this entry »

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The New Jameson’s Bar – New York, NY

After a 3 month hiatus, the Jameson’s Bar in Midtown (Turtle Bay to be exact) reopened looking like a thoroughbred horse compared to its origins of being a work-horse neighborhood pub. Fantastic metamorphosis!
The night was capped off with an Irish Coffee made with my favorite Irish liquid Powers Whiskey

Everyone, you must check out this place. Fun times are guaranteed to happen in this sophisticated setting.


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Rowan’s Creek Bourbon all by itself

20131208-215502.jpgRowan’s Creek Bourbon was sampled all by itself this evening in my own Manhattan pied-à-tierre. Read the rest of this entry »

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