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Heightlighted Artist – Abel Vázquez


As highlighted in Yucatan Today and Yucantan Living , Abel Vázquez is half of a husband and wife team of amazing artists operating out of La Casa de Los Artistas in Merida, Mexico. I discovered them for myself during my last trip to Merida at their gallery. 

Upon entry into their gallery, which could  be at home in any metropolitan area in the world, I immediately noticed the huge difference in their styles and mediums.  Abel’s work is a colorful, musical, sometimes playful version of Picasso meets the Yucatan (Mayan) world.  I loved it from my first glance.  

While my art budget on this trip didn’t allow me to purchase one this time, I am definitely saving for one in the near future.  I must add one of his pieces to my collection. 


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Highlighted Artist – Tadashi Asoma

Tadashi Asoma - Through the Pine Trees

I was walking on 57th Street today and my eye was caught by the above painting which is now on display at the Wally Findlay Galleries in New York City – Tadashi Asoma was born in Japan in 1923. Spending time studying and working in Paris and New York since the late 1950s.  And now Tadashi has called New York his home since the early 1960s

His insatiable curiosity for color allowed his paintings to reveal a remarkably adept portrayal of the changes of the seasons. Sudden bursts of pure, brilliant color with splendid differences of touch and tone, exemplify his natural originality and closeness with nature. Luminous palettes define his works, while lightly feathered textures translate admirably to the glory and jubilant majesty of nature.

List of other galleries that have his works

Blouin Art

Wally Findlay

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The Round Robin Bar at The Willard Hotel, Washington, DC. 


Screaming in at 112.8 proof, this Wild Turkey Rare Breed Manhattan, was an interesting way to end a day in Washington D.C.  The Round Robin Bar is a fantastic combination of both ideal location within the capital and historical vibe.  The Willard Hotel, in which the bar resides, was the host to a meeting that started on February 4, 1861, and was the  last attempt to get the North and South to come to a peaceful resolution of differences before the Civil War. 

This drink may have helped get a better result at the meeting, as it was full to the lip of the glass with liquid jetfuel.  I requested the mixture, and in hindsight it was probably too high temp for the drink.  The Wild Turkey, while a very nicely constructed bourbon, has too much screamin’ rebel in it for the vermouth, bitters and three little cherries to handle. 


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Amerisports Bar – St. Charles, MO

At the Ameristar Hotel outside of St. Louis – It is incredible that a bar can screw up a Manhattan this badly. Visually, it is without a cherry, orange and/or any sign of life. Wrong glass too. It is pretty much straight Jim Beam (thank god they were able to get that into the glass properly).

But wait, there’s more! When it was served it had a floating object, that I thought was a bug – but that turned out to be a fleck of cherry skin.  Seriously it was the size of a red pepper fleck you put on a pizza.

I usually write how nice it is have to have a bartender that cares and how much that matters to having a great drink delivered – this was reverse world , a bartender that didn’t give a shit, and a drink that tasted like it.

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